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BE YOUR BEST SCHOOL WORKSHOPS from the staff room to the classroom.
Now Booking Winter / Spring 2015.

Bullying prevention workshops that build character and life skills, encourage mental health, a growth mindset, leadership and eloquent communication.

IMPROVE WITH IMPROV: Development of Portable Life Skills / Bullying Prevention / Character Building / Improv / Drama (grade 1-12)

STAND T.A.L.L.: Leadership / Character Building / Careers / Improv / Drama (grade 7-12 or students in leadership positions)

GLEE/MUSICAL THEATRE OR FLASHMOB CREATION: Team Building / Character and Confidence Building / Growth Mindset / Dance / Drama / Chorus (all ages)

THE COURAGE INITIATIVE: Communication strategies for conflict prevention and resolution. Communication / Strategic decision making / Mental health / Character building. (this is a whole school initiative which includes the principal/vp staff and students, created by Jennifer Laale and the faculty and parent council at Castor Valley ES)

Satisfied schools... Teacher & Principal Testimonials

Goulbourn MS, Huntley Centennial PS, St Mary's Catholic School, Bridlewood Community ES, Naismith PS, Westwind PS, Avalon PS,
CPHS Career Days, Jack Donahue PS, ADHS,
Arklan PS, Mutchmor PS, Henry Larsen PS,
Bayview PS, Trillium PS, Kanata Academy,
Sacred Heart, Castor Valley PS, Marlborough PS, Caldwell PS.
Would you like me to come to your school?
Now Booking Winter / Spring 2015. Contact for availability.

Principals and teachers would you like a taste of the possibilities? Jennifer Laale presented what she offers at The Small School Summit 2013: Innovate Now! and at OCASC . Invite her to come to you.

GLEE & SPECIALTY SKILLS WORKSHOPS coming to a community near you!

This is a Safe and Supportive environment geared towards building confidence through laughter and learning. No experience necessary!

If you are interested in any of these great workshops please contact me ASAP. If the dates picked do not work for you but one of the other dates does please let me know because depending on whose interested and when, we may change the dates.

Our YOUTUBE Channel is up and running!
Showcasing the best of Be Your Best Students. Do you want to be a part of this amazing new opportunity check out Class Schedule & Description


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