Creating and planning for life success: from the staff room to the classroom.

Bullying prevention workshops that build character and life skills, encourage mental health, a growth mindset, leadership and eloquent communication.


IMPROVE WITH IMPROV: Development of Portable Life Skills / Bullying Prevention / Character Building Growth and Positive Mindset / Improv / Drama (grade 1-12)

STAND T.A.L.L.: Leadership / Growth and Positive Mindset / Character Building / Careers / Improv / Drama (grade 7-12 or students in leadership positions)

BE YOUR BEST Parent Council Presentations: Interactive presentations on how to foster resilience, grit, confidence and a growth and positive mindset in our kids and in ourselves. Introducing practical practices and tactical tools families can use and integrate at home to be the best they can be.

BE YOUR BEST Staff Development / Team Building: Increase adaptability and resourcefulness to establish team and personal confidence / inspire elegant communications and perceptual insight / expand the capacity to explore with an open mind and respond with resilience, to focus on creating a positive, constructive and creative school environment in the classroom and the staff room.

Principals and teachers would you like a taste of the possibilities? Jennifer Laale presented what she offers at OCETFO April 27th 2018: Building Strong Educational Teams workshop and at The Small School Summit 2013: Innovate Now! and at OCASC . Invite her to come to you.

About Jennifer Laale
Jennifer Lea Laale is the Founder/Director of Be Your Best Confidence Building Performing Arts School. For the past 20 years she has been developing unique ways to inspire confidence, and build team, leadership and life skills through the performing arts. As a high performance team skills facilitator, presentation, performance, personal success coach, performing arts teacher, and school workshop leader, Jennifer creates a fun, safe, and supportive environment conducive for all involved to access their inner creativity, power and confidence.

Why is Improv the cornerstone of the Be Your Best Workshops?
Improv is action learning at its best, creating a direct route for developing portable life skills. Through interactive improv activities these workshops will demonstrate how to create a positive, safe environment free from fear, by building trust, by Making Our Partners Look /Feel Good, through listening and acceptance. The students and staff develop a common language, strengthen their skills, and can envision their role in eliminating bullying from their schools, one person, one kind act at a time.


‣Bullying prevention / character building / life skills / improv workshops for students grades 1 to 12.
‣Leadership and team building workshops for staff and students.
‣Professional development workshops for principals and teachers.
‣Experiential learning opportunities that are...
•Tailored to meet the needs of your school / faculty / classroom
Incorporates the criteria for development of character and mental health from the Ontario Education Character Initiative and Mental Health Strategy and can also be incorporated into the drama curriculum.

Improve with the 4 building blocks of Improv

1. Trust Exercises Improve...
✓the ability to embrace diversity

2. Letting Go of Inhibitions Exercises Improve....

3. Listening Exercises Improve...
✓perceptual insight

4. Accepting Exercises Improve...
✓the constructive / innovative / positive school environment

Satisfied schools... Teacher & Principal Testimonials

Sir Robert Borden HS, Katimavik, Glen Ogilvie, St Micheal's Fitzroy, Greely, Careton Heights, Fallingbrook PS, Churchill Alternative, Chapman Mills, Roch Carrier, General Vanier, Osgoode, Our Lady of Fatima, Alta Vista, Hopewell PS, Manotick PS, Henry Munro MS, Meadowlanda PS, South March PS, Grant Alternative, Leslie Park PS, Briargreen PS, Elgin St PS, Terry Fox PS, Glen Cairn PS, St Mary's CS, St Micheal's CS, St Gregory's CS, Goulbourn MS, Huntley Centennial, Bridlewood Community ES, Naismith PS, Westwind PS,Avalon PS, CPHS Career Days, Jack Donahue PS, ADHS,Sir Guy Carleton HS, Arklan PS, Mutchmor PS, Henry Larsen PS, Bayview PS, Maple Ridge PS, Trillium PS, Kanata Academy, Venta Prep, Sacred Heart, Castor Valley PS, Marlborough PS, Caldwell PS,
OCETFO PD day: Building Strong Educational Teams workshop
Would you like me to come to your school?
Now Booking for the 2019/2020 school year. Contact for availability.

Fees depend upon the program, the number of students and number of workshops so if you are interested please do call or email me with your workshop interest and your numbers and I will give you all the options and fees. My focus is on reaching as many students as possible so they have the same language, opportunities and experiences and therefore I lower my fees the more workshops you book.

Proud to be Me Grants
I'm affiliated with a non-profit organization called Proud to be Me. Their mission is to create a community where everyone is able to realize their full potential and can confidently say “I am Proud to be Me” by embracing both their own and others’ individuality. Schools will have the opportunity to apply for full and partial grants that will go towards bringing in empowering workshops like myself to their schools. Grant selection for the 2019 Initiative will open September 15th, 2019 and will go until November 1st 2019. Check out how they can help your school at or for more information.

“Jennifer clearly defined the workshop objectives, and followed them up with original, interesting activities that were perfectly geared to the target audience. It was a very effective combination of theory and reinforcement activities, of listening and movement. The workshops made me realize that these four areas of focus are the foundation of a healthy, productive community, both for our schools and for society in general; consequently, the value of identifying and practicing the skills are tremendous, for both students and teachers.”
~Theresa Peluso
"Thank you for the session and believe me when I say that we all enjoyed your workshop! It helped a lot of my behavioural students cooperate in a fun and educational way. I really enjoyed how you demonstrated to them that we are all humans and that mistakes are natural and that we can fix them and have fun at the same time. Highly recommend this to my fellow teachers. Merci!
~Goulbourn MS
"Jennifer's highly interactive improv workshops, that I had the privilege to see at two different schools this year, were both very engaging and powerful. She very creatively massaged students' abilities to improve both their own and others' self concepts. I can unequivocally state her presentation ranks as one of the best I have seen in four decades in this vocation. There are seamless ways that Principals could use portions of these interactive exercises at full staff meetings."
~Respectfully submitted, Bruce R. Foster Interim Principal with OCDSB

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