Performance and Presentation Coaching

One on One Coaching that Meets Your Needs.

From difficulties with job interviews to opening night nerves, auditions for performing arts programs to singing competitions, to fears when speaking in public, these one on one coaching sessions are tailored to your needs. We will assist you in learning the requisite skills for performing or making presentations, job interview skills, audition skills, on-camera media skills, stress management.

Our focus is ‘you’ and what you want to achieve.

  • Bring Out Your Best in Your Presentations & Performances.
  • Find What Makes You Unique.
  • Learn How To Truly Reach & Move Your Audience.
  • Let Go Of Your Fears.
  • Learn How To Speak from a Place of Confidence and Authenticity.
  • Be Prepared.
  • “Jennifer Laale has taught me that being mystified and drawn off of the beaten path are a beautiful and essential part of discovering what you're truly passionate about. Permission to explore without worry is one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. This mindset, along with a growth mindset has brought me so much goodness already. I look forward to what my future holds."
    ~ Natalie Hart
    “Jennifer’s main objective is to foster confidence in everyone from the shy child who wants to get on stage to perform, to the woman attempting to apply for an important job. Jennifer exudes encouragement which becomes infectious and before long everyone is giving their best effort.”
    ~Glenda Jones Author /Journalist
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