Performance Coaching


Performance & Choreography Skills for All Performance Artists: Actors, Singers, Dancers, Bands etc

“With just one consultation, Jennifer was able to help me interpret and perform my song in a much more meaningful way. She offered valuable insights and encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone in a couple of ways, which resulted in a very powerful performance which I would definitely not have achieved without her encouragement.”
~Kerron Lamb Tang, singer
"Being alone on stage for 50 minutes is no easy feat. But I was driven to perform the one-man show I’d written. Jennifer Laale turned what was at first a daunting and frightening prospect into an inspiring and enriching one. Working one-on-one, she showed me how to move from acting my character, to being my character. She encouraged me to let go of thinking and tune-into the emotional and energetic source of what I was doing. Thanks in significant part of Jennifer’s guidance the show was a hit, and my experience unforgettable."
~Jacob Berkowitz, writer and performer
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