What our Clients Say

“I would like to share with you the impact of one of the exercises you did with us on August 27th when you introduced us to Improv Team Building. My main job is to facilitate workshops on conflict resolution. I introduced the ‘yes but’ / ‘yes and’ activity and the impact was incredible. One lady clapped her hands at the end and blurted out that she could finally make sense of a difficult working relationship – ‘yes but’ was constant. Participants really experience the negative effect of the ‘yes but’ and the positive impact of the ‘yes and’. This exercise has added a lot of value to my communications module and really brings the message home. Thank you for this. Hope to see you again.”
~Luce Vaillancourt Office of the Ombudsman, Ethics and Conflict Resolution Bureau de l'Ombudsman, Éthique et résolution des conflits
"After major conflict erupted within a work-team, I was asked to help that team find solution to make their workplace a healthier and more productive environment. During the process, I invited Jennifer Laale to facilitate an Improv Team Building session within the context of rebuilding the trust and creating new links between the different members of that team. The experience was extremely beneficial and full of surprises. Everyone was pleased and learned a great deal about team spirit and the importance of contribution and collaboration within a team. All of this while having lots of laughs and fun through out the session."
~France Cloutier

The following comments, offered by executives, managers and employees, have been selected from feedback provided at Be Your Best workshops and sessions conducted in both the public and private sectors, in large conference sessions and small team building workshops.

I really found the hands on approach to learning practical skills that are portable and teachable truly beneficial.
Jennifer you allowed us to respect our space and not get too touchy feely. I learnt how improv can help with management skills.
I’d like to see this improv team building workshop given to everyone at work.
Jennifer your dynamism, talent and knowledge of the issue make your teaching of it extremely valuable.
The theory was presented in a fun way, the pace was quick and all the material got covered. I really liked your ability to quickly make people feel at ease and participate.
I truly enjoyed the fun humanistic approach to learning about a subject that would improve both business interactions and personal interactions.
Yes (no buts) I enjoyed the workshop. I am very self-conscious. I realize I take myself too seriously. It took me out of my comfort zone and I could see I am not the only ‘self-conscious’ person. I was proud of myself for opening up.
Jennifer you are really great at what you do, very high energy and you know your stuff! You did an awesome job.
I liked the improv workshops common sense approach, backed up with facts. It was great to see yourself and others differently. It made me more aware of listening skills
Great workshop! This should be used in the government more. The dynamic facilitator and interactive exercises gave us the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. I can't wait to do these activities with my team.
The workshop was very creative, dynamic and fun. I was able to loosen up and be free of judgment and fear.
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