Customizable Programs

The following programs, which represent the core Improv components, can be readily customized to meet the specific needs of your team, group, department or organization.

  1. Trust Exercises: increase individual and group adaptability and resourcefulness; build and sustain trust; establish team and personal confidence to handle any situation.
  2. Look and Listen Exercises: improve the ability for individuals and teams to respond appropriately to any situation; develop elegant communications skills; inspire perceptual insight.
  3. Acceptance Exercises: expand the ability to explore with an open mind; hone the ability to respond with resilience; helps maintain focus on creating a positive, constructive and innovative atmosphere.
  4. Letting Go Exercises: demonstrate how fears hold people back from achieving their greatest potential; show how ‘letting go’ relieves the stress and creates a spontaneous, dynamic work environment; increase the sense of personal and professional contribution to high performance and business success.
Fees and costs depend on the objectives and outcomes for the session and the time involved in workshop design.
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